Monday, June 9, 2014


Can’t stand what you’re hearing right now? It’s OK, we all have those moments. Here at KTEC, we value the opinions and tastes of our listeners. If you’re into Top 40, or Miles Davis era cool jazz, Dave Grohl’s entire body of work, or anything else, let us know. Our listener survey tells us what you like to listen to, and we plan our automation schedule accordingly. You can fill out that survey online on our website.


  1. I am listening with my family to this great show. (Friday Nov. 7 at 6:25). Thank you for playing such music in Klamath! Keep it up!


  2. I like the program with Kevyn (Kyvin? Sunday 2 to 4 PM). tasteful mix of good music from Hip hop to Jazz. I don't see him in your DJ list, but he obviously has soul!

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